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Elevate your home or office into a 5-star getaway with our beautifully bottled fragrance room sprays inspired by the world’s most luxurious hotels & resorts. Create your own private retreat to an exotic destination with these exceptional, long-lasting scents.

Our top 5 best-selling room sprays are:

  1. The One inspired by 1 Hotel®
  2. Black Swan inspired by the EDITION®
  3. Fresh Rain inspired by Marriott®
  4. Only W inspired by W Hotels®
  5. Minuit à Paris inspired by Hotel Costes®

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your Room Spray?

Spritz into the air to scent your home or office. This multi-purpose eau de toilette can be sprayed in the air, on linens, and clothes. Repeat until you reach your desired scent intensity.

Are your room sprays safe to use?

Our room sprays are safe to use in the air, on linen and clothes.

Where are your Room Spray manufactured?

Our room sprays are hand-poured in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.