Subscription Benefits

The main benefit to becoming a subscriber is your discount. You get 10% off when you subscribe to any fragrances — no strings attached. You won't lose your discount and your price is locked as long as your subscription remains active so you won't experience price increases as the cost of our ingredients may increase due to inflation. Choose your delivery frequency, skip a delivery or swap fragrances for new ones and easily adjust your subscription anytime using your customer portal.

How do I manage my subscription?

The best way to manage your subscription is to log into your account on our website though your customer portal. From there, you can modify your delivery schedule, skip a delivery, swap for new fragrances, or cancel your subscription.

When you purchase a subscription, you'll receive repeat deliveries every 30 days by default, unless you choose a different delivery frequency. These are based on the subscription duration and frequency that you select in your customer portal.

Your payment details will be encrypted and stored securely by our payment processor and you'll be charged for each of these deliveries unless you choose to pay in advance.

Subscriptions auto-renew at the end of their duration unless skipped or cancelled prior to your next delivery date.

If you need help managing your subscription, you can contact us and we'll be able to assist with any changes to your subscription.

See our returns policy for more details on returns and refunds.