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  • Get up to 30% off your order when you subscribe

  • The more fragrances you add, the more you save

  • Choose your favorite scents to build your perfect bundle

  • Easily update your subscription at any time

Save up to 30% on subscriptions

The more products you add to your subscription, the more you save! Select five of your favorite scents to unlock 30% off your subscription order.

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As easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Add your favorite items to your cart
2. Subscribe and enjoy your signature scents all year round
3. Edit your subscription details anytime

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Looking for the perfect gift for anyy occasion? Gift your loved one a personalized scent experience with a Scentiment subscription.

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How do I set up a Scentiment subscription?

Start by visiting our Build Your Bundle page. Then, simply add your favorite scents to your cart. Once you've set up your bundle, proceed to checkout. You may edit your subscription any time.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

With a subscription, you will receive an exclusive discount depending on the number of items in your bundle.

  • 10% OFF when you select one fragrance.
  • 15% OFF when you select 2 fragrances.
  • 20% OFF when you select 3 fragrances.
  • 25% OFF when you select 4 fragrances.
  • 30% OFF when you select 5 fragrances.

How often will my subscription be processed?

Your order will be processed on the same day monthly.

Is a Scent Diffuser included with my subscription?

No, our Scent Diffusers are not included with subscriptions. We recommend reviewing our different Scent Diffusers and Starter Kits prior to starting a subscription order.