5-Star Hotel Scents from Las Vegas

5-Star Hotel Scents from Las Vegas

Not everything stays in Vegas! One of the most iconic destinations in the world, Las Vegas is a place to explore, play and experience.  From the stylish award-winning accommodations of Wynn® Casino & Resort to the spectacular views of the Vegas skyline from your suite at the Aria®, the memory of your stay is nothing short of amazing. You know world class, 5-star quality at its best! You may even remember how great the lobby or spa smelled - that intriguing aroma of luxury!  Wouldn’t it be great to bring that smell home with you?  Well, you can!  With Scentiment’s signature hotel-inspired fragrances, Vegas Resort and Secret Desires, the Las Vegas experience is yours to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! 

Remember how energized and carefree Las Vegas made you feel?  Or maybe you remember the way the lights captured your imagination and the streets brimmed with life?  Be drawn into the essence of the city that never sleeps with our clean burning, scent concentrated single-wick candles, room sprays, and fragrance oils that pair perfectly with our Scent Diffuser. Sleek, modern and easy to use, the Scent Diffuser is a great addition to your home décor!  As an added bonus, you can adjust the scent intensity, as well as set a timer for convenient auto shut off. You will be carried away instantly as your space is filled with the aromas of exotic, extraordinary Las Vegas!

Vegas Resort Fragrance Oil

The Vegas Resort fragrance, inspired by the Wynn® Las Vegas, is radiant and bold, like a regal room flooded with warm, golden sunlight. Let yourself be drawn into the scent like a dynamic conversation as dazzling floral aromas surround you, a virtual garden of elegance for the senses. Vegas Resort will excite you with sophisticated notes of green melon, French Muguet, and musk.

The top notes of Vegas Resort; lemon, green melon and green tea, grab your attention first, followed by the intoxicating notes of jasmine and lily.  The experience ends with the warm aroma of raspberry, oakmoss and musk. 

Secret Desires Fragrance Oil

Inspired by ARIA® Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Secret Desires is the embodiment of intimate, exquisite moments: lowlights and soft music, long, meaning-filled glances at a stranger across a room. This intriguing scent will captivate your senses with sun-kissed pomegranate, sweet peony, and sensual vanilla. Your heart will flutter with the lingering aroma of something familiar, yet foreign. If sexy had a smell, it would be Secret Desires.

A scent of sensuality, Secret Desires begins with exciting top notes of lemon cream, entices with raspberry and red pomegranates, and ends with base notes of peony and white woods.  Secret Desires will ignite your passion and transform your space into a romantic retreat.

The founders of Scentiment were inspired to create these unique signature scent blends as a way to capture the unforgettable vibe of Las Vegas beyond photographs and memories.  Scientists have known for decades that the sense of smell is intimately connected to our personal experiences and emotions, so what better way to package the beauty and splendour of Las Vegas than to create its unique scent that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Take the Las Vegas experience home with you with these exceptional fragrance products!  Guests of your home or office will be captivated from the moment they enter, and this first impression will not only make them feel special, but will stay with them after they leave.  Impress your friends, family and business associates with these superior, high quality home fragrances. The stay has always been 5-star perfect, and now the aromas of luxury are yours to enjoy every single day!

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